Felt Hat


David Yurman Custom Albion Ring • David Yurman

H&M Earrings with Tassels – Dark purple • H&M

Hinge Faux Leather Trim Wool Felt Panama Hat • Hinge

Ray-Ban ‘Original Aviator’ 58mm Sunglasses • Ray-Ban

Halogen ® ‘Marlie’ Pointy Toe Pump (Women) • Halogen

Rebecca Minkoff ‘Love’ Crossbody Bag • Rebecca Minkoff

ASOS RIDLEY JEANS ASOS Ridley Skinny Jeans In Clean Black With Displaced Ripped Knees • Asos

Chelsea28 Turtleneck Sweater

I am drawn more to accessories than I am to clothes, I’ve been that way ever since I can remember. I truly believe that an accessory can elevate any outfit if it fits and this hat does that exactly. Hats are not my usual go to piece, but this one had me changing my tune. I love wearing it with a very minimal outfit just to give that extra casual vibe. I was drawn to this hat in particular because it was very similar to one that I had been eyeing for months that was over $300 and I managed to snag one for under $40! It’s a great piece  to just throw on to add that extra pop to your outfit or even just to cover up your bedhead.




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