Work Wear


Pant // Top // Jacket (similar) // Shoes // Sunnies // Earrings // Bag // Watch

Since leaving retail and entering the education world, I realized that I had to change my wardrobe (somewhat). I had to come to terms that leather leggings and over the knee boots may not be the most appropriate for sitting on the floor with first graders. So my mission was finding a way to make my dress more “teacher friendly” while keeping to my taste and personality. I did not want to invest a ton of money into many pieces, but rather choose wisely. I try to keep my tops pretty basic while adding my flare to the outfit through shoes, pants, and accessories. Since changing things up, it has hit me that I am not totally changing my style as much as I am just ‘toning’ it down a bit. I am still free to show off my fashion background (my undergrad is in fashion and masters is elementary ed.) which makes me happy and honestly more comfortable. Most of my dress pants come from Old Navy, Loft, Asos, and J Crew. These are my go to places and never seem to let me down. How do you spice up your everyday work wear!?


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