Valentine’s Day Outfit


This dress is not carried anymore so I linked others: 1  2  3 // bag // shoes // sunnies // earrings // bangle // bangle

Dan and I have never been the couple that goes big for Valentine’s Day. We are not a very mushy pair and prefer the little things. However, since this is our first year as a married couple, we have decided to at least to something small. This is huge for us. What this really means is that we will probably stay home, order pizza, and drink champagne. I would honestly be completely thrilled for those to be our plans for the evening!

When we were in London over the summer for our honeymoon, I of course took advantage of all the shopping. One of my favorite spots to always stop at when in London is Selfridge’s. I was in the dressing room for probably an hour and left with 5 too many pieces. This dress was my favorite item that I purchased. The color, silhouette, and neck line are everything. When it was warmer out, I easily wore this dress two times a week. I loved it so much that I ended up ordering it in black when we got home. I can’t wait for spring and summer so I can bust this lovely out of my closet once again.




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