Oxblood Obsession


sweater, old similar // jeans // bag // sunnies, sold old similar // shoes // bracelet // ring // bangle // bangle

So this is pretty much the only color that I really ever wear. I know that I should start getting out of my comfort zone with colors, but I’ve tried and I hate it. It just never seems to feel right on me. I love the versatility of oxblood and the richness of its color. It is so flattering and always looks good. I’ve worn this color before in my all time favorite dress (here). Although I love the warmer weather that comes with Spring and Summer, I get so depressed thinking of the neon expectations that come with that. It’s the time of year when  J. Crew becomes bombarded with flashy prints and bright colors and my heart dies a little inside. To me, serious dressing comes with cooler weather and I love that. Give me sweaters, distressed denim, and Chelsea boots all day long, but hot pink slip dresses? I’ll pass.  Who knows if I will ever break this dark habit….okay, let’s be honest, I won’t.




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