Noonday Jewelry


dress // cardigan, old similar // sandals // handbag // jewelry // sunnies

In late June, my husband’s aunt asked me to a jewelry party. Of course, I had the initial reaction that we all do when invited to one of those events. Once she explained to me a little about the company, I have to admit, I was curious. I went not thinking that anything would really be my style, but I was wrong. I could have easily have walked out her front door with one of everything. The pieces were so beautiful and comprised of materials not normally worn. Then I learned more in-depth stories about the pieces, where they came from, who made them, and about the company. Noonday is a company that sources from third world countries and helps provide jobs, healthcare, schooling, and homes for those they employ. All the materials used are particular from those areas and have a story behind them. To me, this means that this is not just a necklace or bangle, but so much more. I may be wearing this necklace to work, but by me doing so I am helping in providing healthcare to women battling HIV and AIDS. How cool is that!? Beautiful jewelry AND a true benefit, how can you pass that up? I highly suggest you all check them out (click the jewelry link for direct access to website).


Bows and Baubles


dress // shoes, sold out similar // clutch (can be monogrammed) // ring // bangle // bangle // earrings, old similar

My wedding shoes are one of my most prized possessions, even over my wedding gown. I knew that when I got married one day that I would put more effort in to finding the perfect shoes than the dress. I was completely right. Don’t get me wrong I love my dress, but I absolutely adore these shoes. Valentino sure makes one hell of a comfy heel to wear all day long. The bright pink and bows are what drew me to these. I also love that I can wear them with so many pieces too!  This dress is always one that I pull out of my closet when I need to dress nice, but want to stay comfy as well. It is just like wearing a giant tee and I am so fine with that. My GiGi New York clutch is one of my favorite bags, sometimes I even bring it while running errands because it’s pretty big to fit so much in it. Plus the fact that it can be monogrammed doesn’t hurt either ; )



Off the Shoulder Blouse


blouse // jeans // bag // earrings // sunnies, sold out similar // shoes // ring

One trend that I have been obsessing over for this Spring and Summer is off the shoulder blouses/dresses. I feel like I catch myself ordering a new piece every week. They are just so flattering and fun to wear. I wore this exact outfit on Easter and got so many compliments, my favorite being from my grandma, “I wore something like that when I was your age!” As weird as that sounds, it was a total compliment coming from her because she’s always had the best style. I can’t wait to show y’all more of this style in the weeks to come! How do you guys feel about this new trend for the season!?



Old Navy Dress


dress // jacket // shoes, old similar // bag // earrings // sunnies // bracelet // bangle // bangle // ring // ring

I think for the first time since 4th grade I can say that every piece of clothing that I am wearing is from Old Navy. Since I was a kid, I saw ON as the land of fleece pullovers and American Flag tees. This all shifted when I popped in last summer and my feelings changed. I feel like they are a company that has made huge strides in being more up to date with fashion. Plus, everything is such a steal. I walked in a couple days ago and I found this dress and fell in love. It was also ONLY $26! WHAT!? I honestly can’t remember the last time I purchased such a great dress for that price. They always have amazing sales too, which brings down the prices even more!

You also might notice that I have a special guest on the blog today! This is our 6 year old Akita/St. Bernard mix puppy (she will always be a pup to me). She is such a crazy photogenic pup so I figured it would be fun to have her in a few pictures, and I was correct. Well, until the end where all she wanted to do is eat. Hopefully, she will make more appearances in the future! Have a great week y’all!



Leather Jacket


jacket, old similar // tee // flat, sold out similar // jeans // bag // sunnies // ring // bangle

A good leather jacket can take you far in life & this one has taken me everywhere. I have one that is pretty similar, but I just love how simple this one is. It is not as warm as my other one, but that’s what makes it perfect for this weather right now. It goes with almost everything in my closet and gives the right amount of warmth/coverage. I love pairing it with a basic tee, jeans, and flats or with a fun dress for a night out. Every lady (& man) should have a trusty leather jacket in their wardrobe to pull from. How do you guys wear yours!?



Feelin’ the Blues


top // jeans // bag // earrings, sold out similar // shoes // watch // bangle // bracelet // ring

Sunday, we were driving around searching for a different spot to shoot some pictures. After driving around our neighborhood for a little bit, we found the most amazing painted wall. It’s crazy how we have driven past this so many times but never noticed it before. I know it seems silly, but to me this just shows how we really need to slow and take in all of our surroundings because they are truly beautiful. Once we spotted it I knew we had to stop. I feel like the background just makes this rather simple outfit pop so much and I love it! The white with the blues is so pretty to look at. This has become my go to combo for when I need to look decent, but not too nice. The top is such a great spin on a classic piece and easy to transition. I’m not even going to start on these jeans, because y’all already know how deep my love is for them….almost as wide as the bell bottoms 🙂




Grey Tee Dress


dress // jacket, sold out similar // shoes // bag // earrings // bangle // bracelet // ring // watch

I know that I have already proclaimed my love of a good t-shirt dress, so I won’t subject you to hearing all about it again. This combo of pieces however, has me so happy. Sundays is when Dan and I complete most of our errands for the week to come. I was able to wear this all day long! These shoes, which look as though they would be uncomfortable to wear for long periods, are incredible. It felt like I was wearing flats. I was so drawn to these shoes because of the major 90’s vibes they were giving me. I am so nostalgic for that time of my life. All I cared about was the Spice Girls, Lisa Frank, and secretly three way calling boys we had crushes on. It was a much simpler time and maybe this is my way of bringing that back. I strongly urge y’all to get them (also in black). GIRL POWER!



Oxblood Obsession


sweater, old similar // jeans // bag // sunnies, sold old similar // shoes // bracelet // ring // bangle // bangle

So this is pretty much the only color that I really ever wear. I know that I should start getting out of my comfort zone with colors, but I’ve tried and I hate it. It just never seems to feel right on me. I love the versatility of oxblood and the richness of its color. It is so flattering and always looks good. I’ve worn this color before in my all time favorite dress (here). Although I love the warmer weather that comes with Spring and Summer, I get so depressed thinking of the neon expectations that come with that. It’s the time of year when  J. Crew becomes bombarded with flashy prints and bright colors and my heart dies a little inside. To me, serious dressing comes with cooler weather and I love that. Give me sweaters, distressed denim, and Chelsea boots all day long, but hot pink slip dresses? I’ll pass.  Who knows if I will ever break this dark habit….okay, let’s be honest, I won’t.



Blush Jumper


sweater, old similar // jeans // bag // shoes (only $39!) // earrings // sunnies, sold out similar // bracelet // ring // bangle

Yes, if you feel like you have seen this sweater before then you are correct! I loved this sweater in grey so much that I bought it in blush before it sold out. I am so guilty of buying multiples of a particular piece in different colors if I love it enough. To me, that speaks volumes of the product and company. If I am willing to buy something in more than one color, then that means it’s a quality product. I am not one to spend a ton of money on clothes, I’m more of an accessories lady, so if I see it meaningful to buy multiples then that’s a great thing! Although my husband may disagree :).

And let’s talk about these earrings. They. Are. Amazing. I am falling hard for tassels this season. Since January, I have probably purchased 5 different pairs. I just can’t seem to resist every time that Baublebar creates a new pair.



Keepin’ it Casual


dress // jacket // shoes // bag // sunnies // earrings // bangle // bangle // ring // bracelet

During the summer, a good t-shirt dress is my trusty side kick. I have this exact dress in three colors, ridiculous, I know. However, in my defense, ASOS makes one hell of a tee dress. Once I bought one, I had to go back for more. They are just so easy to throw on and be on your way, which I live for. When it comes to dressing in the summer heat, I love pieces that are loose, light, and easy to transfer from day to night. Throwing a denim jacket and converse on with it just add that little bit of edge to a pretty feminine item. I love mixing masculine and delicate together, which you could probably tell by now.

I am also addicted to Ray-Ban Aviators. I plead guilty to owning more than just a few a pairs. This pair is by far my favorite for the summer time. In every picture it looks like I am looking out to a beach, which sadly I am not. They are great for every face shape and come in countless colors!