Denim Dress


dress, old similar // sandals old, similar // bag // earrings // sunnies // bangle // bangle //ring

This weather in St. Louis during February has been insane. Wednesday we had a snow day and then Sunday I am wearing this! I just can’t seem to keep up with Mother Nature’s mood swings. This dress however is helping me ease the confusion a bit. I am all for comfort, but when comfort and style come together, it’s a beautiful thing. I have been against getting a denim dress for the longest time, until this one popped up in the sale section on ASOS. It does not have the same button vibe that most others do and that’s why I loved it. This will definitely be a repeater during the spring for sure.




Button Up Dress


dress // shoes, old similar // handbag // sunnies // ring // bracelet // bangle // bangle

Have you ever met someone and just felt like you were going to be the best of friends? That’s exactly how I felt about this dress. During the spring and summer, I live in comfy t-shirt/shirt dresses and sandals. When I put this one on after it arrived, I did not want to take it off. It feels just like wearing pajamas and who would hate that? I love pairing very simple dresses with block heel sandals like these to make it more transitional for different events. This could easily go from work to happy hour to dinner with just a change of shoes or even with these! Can’t wait to wear this all the time once the weather stays nice 🙂



Striped Cardigan


cardigan // jeans // tee // shoes // bag // sunnies // ring // bracelet // earrings // bangle // bangle

I am such a sucker for anything flowy and from ASOS. I have always been drawn to pieces that are easy to just throw on and go. When I came across this cardigan, I knew that I had to have it. The stripes also add a fun touch to a pretty basic item. I decided to pair it with my absolute favorite pair of flared jeans and platform sandals. I loved how it had a very 70s feel to it. Since I am the product of hippie parents, it’s in my blood 🙂 . Plus, literally no one looks bad in flared jeans. They do so much for short, thicker legs and that’s why I love them!



Kit & Ace


blouse // jeans // flats // handbag // sunnies // ring // bracelet // bangle // bangle // earrings

The other weekend I had the pleasure of playing dress up in the new Kit & Ace location in Plaza Frontenac. I fell in love with everything as soon as I stepped foot within the store. The fabric, silhouettes, and color scheme is to die for. Everything feels as though it was made specifically for you and every piece is either black, white, or gray. So pretty much everything that I live for. I have been lusting for a new black button up and have not been able to find the right one, until this top. I love how they took such a classic piece and modernized it a bit. It’s flowy, loose, and the sleeves are super fun. This piece can be worn easily with trousers or jeans. The versatility is real with this one. I can’t wait for my next visit. (Side note: the staff was extremely helpful and very sweet the entire time!)



Poncho Fever


poncho // similar // jeans // shoes // bag // watch // sunnies // ring // bangle

This fall and winter, I have been literally living in ponchos. I own to or three styles in multiple colors, yes, my obsession is that bad. They just go with everything and for every occasion, almost. You can throw them on with denim or leather leggings for an edgier look. They are also my go to for those days that I feel like just being comfortable at work and not dressing too structured. This is a trend that a really hope sticks around next fall/winter.



Statement Necklace


sweater // jeans // shoes // necklace sold out, similar // handbag // sunnies // ring // bangle

I love a good statement accessory and this necklace is everything. I was kind of nervous when I ordered it because I never go for anything this large, but I fell in love immediately. I have been chomping at the bit to wear this and I have been waiting for the right outfit, this was it. There was just something about taking a pretty basic outfit and pairing it with this necklace that made me so excited. I can’t wait to wear this with some great t-shirt dresses when the weather warms up! How would you wear this amazing statement necklace?



Sandra Dee


jacket, sold out similar // tee // jeans // bag // heels // earrings, old similar // polish // sunnies // ring

Black & white are a tried and true team that I just can’t seem to quite. I love wearing it different ways to different occasions. For me, it allows me to be comfortable and confident in what I have on. I love bright colors, yet I just do not wear them, like ever. Nothing makes me feel better or more myself than a black pair of distressed denim, white tee, and leather jacket. It gives me that Sandra Dee feel like at the end of Grease wear she is completely transformed just by throwing on an all black outfit. It’s just that little boost that we all need time to time. What do y’all wear that makes you feel super confident!?



Sweatshirt Dress


dress // boots, sold out similar // bag // sunnies // nail polish // earrings // ring

T-shirt dresses are a staple in my closet and this season I have been wearing them all the time. It is so easy to transition them to the cold weather with boots and chic coats. I am a huge fan of making my pieces work for many seasons and this dress is one of them. I ordered it from Nordstrom a couple weeks ago and have been chomping at the bit to wear it. This dress is made from sweat shirt material, which made my heart so happy. So not only is it comfy, but it works for fall, winter, and spring. Also, it is easy to transition it from day to night with just a quick change of a few accessories. I can already tell that this dress is going to be on major repeat this season and next!



Felt Hat


David Yurman Custom Albion Ring • David Yurman

H&M Earrings with Tassels – Dark purple • H&M

Hinge Faux Leather Trim Wool Felt Panama Hat • Hinge

Ray-Ban ‘Original Aviator’ 58mm Sunglasses • Ray-Ban

Halogen ® ‘Marlie’ Pointy Toe Pump (Women) • Halogen

Rebecca Minkoff ‘Love’ Crossbody Bag • Rebecca Minkoff

ASOS RIDLEY JEANS ASOS Ridley Skinny Jeans In Clean Black With Displaced Ripped Knees • Asos

Chelsea28 Turtleneck Sweater

I am drawn more to accessories than I am to clothes, I’ve been that way ever since I can remember. I truly believe that an accessory can elevate any outfit if it fits and this hat does that exactly. Hats are not my usual go to piece, but this one had me changing my tune. I love wearing it with a very minimal outfit just to give that extra casual vibe. I was drawn to this hat in particular because it was very similar to one that I had been eyeing for months that was over $300 and I managed to snag one for under $40! It’s a great piece  to just throw on to add that extra pop to your outfit or even just to cover up your bedhead.



Faux Real


Coat // Boots // Pants // Tee // Ring // Can not find the jumbo version so I linked the smaller Bag

So, my husband, Dan, has been taking all of my photos for me and it is not without comments and jokes the whole time. For this session, he continued to reference a Seinfeld episode where Kramer purchased a fur coat, apparently it was hilarious.

All jokes aside, this coat makes me so happy. Yes, it may be a tad over the top but who doesn’t need something fun in their closet? Just walking through the park in it made me feel fabulous and fancy free. When paired with black clothing and accessories, it gives the coat a moment to have its day in the sun. Of course, it is completely faux fur, I could never purchase real. This coat is going to be so fun to wear to holiday parties and nights out with the ladies.