Open Back Sweater


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As soon as the weather turns the slightest to Fall, I immediately set out to find the sweaters that I will be living in for the next several months. My first stop is always Nordstrom for their selection of Free People and once again, it proved successful. the second I put this baby on I knew that it had to come home with me. It is so soft and can be worn with anything and everything. Plus the back (not pictured) of this sweater is slightly opened. Enough to make a statement, but not enough to be too much. With a tank underneath, it’s perfect! It comes in a variety of colors and I may already contemplating picking up one (or two) more! What are your favorite brands for sweaters?




Noonday Jewelry


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In late June, my husband’s aunt asked me to a jewelry party. Of course, I had the initial reaction that we all do when invited to one of those events. Once she explained to me a little about the company, I have to admit, I was curious. I went not thinking that anything would really be my style, but I was wrong. I could have easily have walked out her front door with one of everything. The pieces were so beautiful and comprised of materials not normally worn. Then I learned more in-depth stories about the pieces, where they came from, who made them, and about the company. Noonday is a company that sources from third world countries and helps provide jobs, healthcare, schooling, and homes for those they employ. All the materials used are particular from those areas and have a story behind them. To me, this means that this is not just a necklace or bangle, but so much more. I may be wearing this necklace to work, but by me doing so I am helping in providing healthcare to women battling HIV and AIDS. How cool is that!? Beautiful jewelry AND a true benefit, how can you pass that up? I highly suggest you all check them out (click the jewelry link for direct access to website).

Fall Wish List



I feel like this Fall, more so than others, I am craving cozy pieces to wear. Although style is still very important to me, comfort is a major player. It is no secret that I am someone who gravitates to neutral, classic pieces and this season I am sticking to my usual habits. I have rounded up my top 6 must have pieces for the fall. Now let’s see how many of these the husband lets me purchase 🙂


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Kitchen (semi)Remodel


My husband and I bought our house exactly two years ago. We loved it because it was almost a completely flipped house and there was very little that we needed to do. This was great for our first home. We loved the kitchen, although it is not exactly what I would choose if I did it myself. There were some changes that we wanted to make in order to best meet our needs and wants. So, two weeks before our wedding (July 18th), we decided that this was the perfect time to do that. Hahaha it was terrible, we actually did not completely finish until October! We wanted to change the tile since it did not go and was so old and add an island. We like to have friends over and the kitchen always seems to be the focal point of the gatherings. Once we decided on tile and how big of an island, we went to work. It took some time to get all the tile up since our kitchen is pretty large. Then the rest was done once we got back from our honeymoon.



We decided on a butcher block counter top for our island because it was cost effective and we also loved the look of it. The tile is also a very neutral color and the size is larger than the 12×12, which we loved. The cows behind our stove belonged to my Grandma and I received them after she passed. I love looking at these everyday as little reminders of her and my Grandpa. The Covent Garden sign over the door was a random Home Goods find and we were so excited because that was our favorite area in London on our honeymoon. Having a designated coffee area has really cleared up our counters which has been really nice. The shelves on the wall were made from left over butcher block that we did not want to throw away. It was a great decision! We received a lot of help when making our island. A friend who is a carpenter and his brother who is an electrician were amazing and made it everything we envisioned! So here’s a little glimpse into our (semi)remodeled kitchen. I will be posted more of house soon!

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